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Mai 2024
Winning project Innosuisse / IBAM:
RECOBI –Renovation of complex geometry building with additive manufacturing–
Cyber-physical twin prototype on a thin shell building


Swiss Federal Railways staff premises in Payerne (Vaud)  Reverse architecture of for simulation of use densification. –with WAE architecture & Jaquier Pointet–. 2024


Vallorbe station –digital pilot project for the Swiss Federal Railways SBB–

Berlin –Research project “Arbeiten Morgen”–


process –to digital twin (architecture)–

1. Model –or existing building–

2. Scan 3D (mesh)

3. Point cloud

4. Parametric mockup  –reverse architecture–

5. Architect’s plans: algorithmic extraction from mockup

continued news


December 2023: delivery of the Prototype of
digital twin of the Gottfried Semper Aula.
Chair of Construction Heritage and Preservation, Department of Architecture, ETH-Zürich




Reverse architecture of thin shell buildings
– modelling with NURBS based on point cloud for additive manufacturing – Work in progress.



September 2023:  
Request stop for the train in Klockow ?
Schloen-Dratow, Müritz National Park [D]
Within Initiative Klockow3




October 2022:
entry to the invitational competition for the central heating plant in Lausanne-Malley. Partnership with v2v Architectes

October 18-21, 2022 

Explorations of digital spaces

Open door days
Navigation through 3D models and mockups on an immersive screen in frugal engineering


September 2022, publication of
“Architecture inverse et jumeau numérique au service du patrimoine” (Reverse architecture and digital twin at the service of heritage buildings) in À Suivre…, N°85, Swiss Heritage Society –section Vaud–


05-06.06.22: contribution to the IPHS 2022 conference with «An open standard digital twin for heritage buildings»


April 2022: entry to the competition «  Espace Familles ». Multipurpose complex for families in the Avanchets neighbourhood, Geneva



Lectures on openBIM for master students in architecture and civil engineering, EPFL 2016-18


19.03.22: IPHS announce the conference will be held at the TU-Delft

06.03.22: IPHS has canceled the conference

02.03.22: Protest against the war in Ukraine: withdrawal of my participation in IPHS conference, July 2022 in Moscow



2022, Residential building in Abidjan. 
Urban study for a densification: testing the « block model » including preliminary design



20 years of digital architecture:

October 17-22, 2021: public presentations of digital mockups and point clouds on a low-tech immersive screen prototype



16.03.21 Contribution to an_architecture competition for the extension of international research center on anarchism (CIRA), Lausanne



19.11.20 Accepted as active member of visual artists and architects’ society Visarte


05-08.07.20 “Reverse architecture: an open standard digital twin for heritage buildings”. Contribution to the IPHS 2020 conference with Chair of Prof. C.Hein, TU-Delft. View peer reviewed paper here


24.02.20 The documentation of the Prototype of the Vallorbe Station Digital Twin -pilot project on openBIM-transformation- (illustration) has been submitted to the SBB after more than 2 years of intensive work.
Executive summary and glossary available here (in French)


Prototype of immersive screen for the exploration of digital mockups in architecture.

17.08.20 Proof of concept for «Immersive IFC» at the ZHdK Immersive Lab




15.10.19 “Is the digital cube empty?- or reverse architecture for design-” Lecture at the Bergen School of Architecture (BAS)


28.11.18 “Reverse architecture: openBIM for the transformation of heritage buildings”. Contribution to BIM World Munich


2011 Proposal to realise an infrastructure for eco-mobility in the Müritz National Park, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern [D]. Citizens’ initiative to maintain an historic train stop as de-central entrance to the park, project and exhibition


22.01.08 Successful application for funds to restore the historic facade from the Kindergarten of the Sophie parish in Berlin-Mitte. EU funds ERDF / Städtebaulischer Denkmalschutz Land Berlin

13-15.11.07 « Arbeiten Morgen: a meta-bazaar for Berlin? –Bottom-up revitalisation of deindustrialised quarters: a pilot-building for micro-companies– » 
Participation to the conference by the Center for the Study of Architecture in the Arab Region (CSAAR). Tunis. Tunisia



25-27.06.04 Participation to the Camp for Oppositional Architecture by An Architektur, Berlin



11−13.10.2002 Participation to the IX International biennial of architecture Cracow, Poland


30.09.02 Master of Architecture by research (project) of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. 1999-2001