December 2023: delivery of the Prototype of
digital twin of the Gottfried Semper Aula.
Chair of Construction Heritage and Preservation, Department of Architecture, ETH-Zürich




Prototype of digital twin of Vallorbe station. openBIM pilot project for the Swiss Federal Railways SBB. 2020




Immersive screen prototype: for the 20th anniversary of the author’s first digital model, reconstruction of his screen developed in the frugal innovation mode, 2021


« Verzapft » furniture prototype: design and construction, 1994



Reverse architecture: art of producing the digital mockup of an existing building. Academic works and exemple projects.



Process of digital twin production: description –article written in a working group of the TU-Delft– see also illustrations. 2020


Process + tool test for the restoration of historic staircase: from a smartphone capture generating a point cloud to (re)construction plans. Historic monument in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern [D], 2019

Arbeiten Morgen or Working tomorrow.
Common working environment for
micro-enterprises. TU-Berlin, 2007.
Proposal based on the Master of Architecture by research (project) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology: Reclaiming industrial zones – strategy for a mutation – 2001




Lectures on openBIM for master students in architecture and civil engineering, EPFL 2016-17