Request stop for the train in Klockow ?
Schloen-Dratow, Müritz National Park [D]
Within Initiative Klockow3



Simulations of transformation of the  Vallorbe station –monument of national importance– carried out as one of the 24 Swiss Federal Railways SBB open BIM pilot projects.  Demonstrations of the use of digital technology for conservation and compliance e.g. access for people with reduced mobility, 2018 – 2020


Proposal to realise an infrastructure in the Müritz National Park, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern [D]. Citizens’ initiative to maintain an historic train stop as de-central entrance to the park, project and exhibition, 2011



Integration of a lift for people with reduced mobility in the Werkbund S-Bahn station in Berlin-Humboldthain. Study, 2004


October 2022: entry to the competition for the central heating plant in Lausanne-Malley. Partnership with v2v Architectes.



Pilot plant for the storage of stormwater in the river Spree, Berlin, 2007.


Transformation of an exemplary industrial complex in Berlin-Schöneweide –historic site of regional importance– for a reindustrialisation with micro-companies.
Academic project, Master of Architecture by research (project) of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. 1999-2001

Concept of silos conversion on the Ij, Amsterdam. Academic project at the Berlage Institute [NL], 1994