18. – 21. October 2022
Immersive screen in frugal engineering

Presentation of mockups and the Vallorbe station digital twin as in the IC Blackbox at the swissbau in 2022 

LOCATION : SDMB Rue Caroline 16, 1003 Lausanne

BOOKING RECOMMENDED : please choose a free session below and send a booking request to info [at] bernardcherix.ch

Maximum 5 people per session


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Scheme of the immersive screen.
Screen size: approx 6.00 x 2.00 m

Photo of the screen at the SDMB in 2021. Navigation through Vallorbe station: digital mockup and point clouds from geomatic engineers

Technical informations on the immersive screen
– Screen size: approx. 6,00 x 2,00 m
– Beamers: 3x mini-devices WXGA (1280×800) 500 Lumen
– Software requirement: none
– PC: any
– Graphic interface Beamers-PC: DVI-D – HDMI
–  Image projection: open to all type (no restriction)

Projection of digital models and mockups and point clouds produced by the author

Invitation to project your own 3D models, mockups or panoramic videos
The immersive screen is a plug and play device the limit is the size of the file your PC can handle (or mine if you bring the file and not your machine)


This event is self financed, donation Wellcome: 
IBAN: CH82 00767 000U 5430 3976, BCV Lausanne
TWINT: 079.884 53 03 (message: digital event)


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